Brazilians Food

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Traditional Brazil Desserts


As it happens with its main dishes, Brazil also has an important variety of desserts. Most of the most traditional Brazilian desserts are popular in most regions of the country, while a few others are more typical of a specific area of Brazil. Fruits (Brazil has a great variety of fruits) are often combined with desserts or eaten as desserts alone as well.

Bolos are among the most popular desserts in Brazil. Bolos are similar to cakes and can be found in a wide variety of flavors and with many different fillings. Some of the most popular ones are: bolo prestigio (made with chocolate, milk cream, and coconut), bolo de maracuja (made with passion fruit), bolo de laranja (made with orange), bolo de banana, and bolo de cenoura (made with carrots, chocolate, and butter).

Some of the Most Popular Brazilian Desserts

Quindim is other popular Brazilian dessert. This dessert is usually made with coconut, sugar, egg yolks, and sometimes butter as well. Other very popular Brazilian dessert is the brigadeiro, a sort of chocolate ball (somehow similar to some chocolate truffles) made with chocolate, butter and condensed milk. Cuscuz branco is also very popular and is made of tapioca, sugar, and coconut milk.

Pe de moleque, a sweet made with molasses and peanuts, is another common Brazilian dessert. Bejinho is a popular dessert, usually made for birthday parties. A bejinho (bejinho means little kiss) is a small candy made of coconut, butter, and condensed milk.



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