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Brazilian Food

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Food from Brazil

Some characteristics

Brazilian food is very varied and interesting. As it happens with every country, the cuisine of Brazil is strongly related to the history and culture of the country. The culture and food of Brazil combines styles brought by Africans, Portuguese, Spanish, Italians, Syrians, and Japanese, among others. This combination has created a very interesting cuisine, full of intense and contrasting flavors.


The food of Brazil is characterized by its diversity. The cuisine of this big country (the largest in South America) varies from one region to other, sometimes in such a way that visitors might feel like they are in different countries. However, there are some main dishes that can be found almost anywhere in the country, such as the national dish: feijoada.


Brazil Foods in the Different Regions

Brazilian foods and desserts use a wide variety of fruits, meats, spices, rice, and beans, among many other ingredients. The southern region of Brazil is characterized by its gaucho influence, in such a way that many of the foods of this area of the country use meats. The gastronomy of the southeastern region is characterized by the use of maize, rice, fish, beans, eggs, and tomatoes, among other ingredients.

The cuisine of the northern region of Brazil uses much manioc, fish, and tropical fruits. The northeastern area of the country uses much rice, seafood, tropical fruits, beans, and onions, among others. And the central region of the country is characterized by using much beef, pork, fish, manioc, rice, and beans.



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