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Brazil Popular Foods

The Popular Foods in the Different Regions

The different regions of Brazil have different typical foods, and the dish that might be most popular in one of them can be very different than the food that is most popular in other region. However, the intensity and unique combination of flavors is something most Brazilian foods have in common. And some dishes, such as the national one, the feijoada, are common and popular in all the country.

Some Important Dishes

Some of the most common foods in the southern region of Brazil are the churrasco, the barreado, and some other dishes based on meat. This region has a strong influence from the gauchos. The southeastern area of Brazil is home of some of the most popular dishes of the country, such as the famous feijoada (considered as the national dish of Brazil). Some popular foods in this region are frango com quiabo, moqueca capixaba, and farofa.

The typical dishes of the northern region of Brazil show an important indigenous influence. Some of the most popular foods in the north are: tacaca, caruru, and pato no tucupi. Some of the most traditional dishes in the northeast of Brazil are: moqueca, acaraje, and vatapa.

Popular Brazilian Desserts

There are many popular Brazilian desserts that can be found at most regions of the country. Some of these common Brazilian desserts are: quindim, bejinho, cocada, pudim de pao, rice pudding, brigadeiro, bolo de maracuja, and pao de mel, among many others. Tropical fruits are also often eaten as desserts.



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