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Brazil Carnival Food

What is it?

Carnival is a party season in Brazil, and food is an important component and part of this traditional party. During this season, many different intense foods, some of them typical in parties, can be seen in Brazilian homes, restaurants, and even streets.

Feijoada is, of course, the king. This dish can always be found during Brazil carnival. Since this is a heavy dish, it is usually eaten after the parades or at any time when people know they can rest a while after eating it.

Street Foods in Brazil Carnival

During carnival in Brazil there are some foods you will surely find being sold in the streets. Pastries and bolos (muffins or pies) are a must. These can be found in a variety of shapes and with many different fillings (fillings can be either salty or sweet and can go from fruits to fish, beef, or even extra-spicy fillings).

Meats are also a tradition in carnival season. You may find meats in sticks, many kinds of grilled meats, and a variety of sausages. Typical Brazilian dishes such as acaraje and pao de queijo can also be found offered in the streets of Brazil during this season.

And of course, drinks are also an important part of this festivity. Mineral water, sodas, and traditional Brazilian beverages such as their famous caipirinha, are sold everywhere. It is very important to drink much mineral water during this party, since the combination of heat and physical activity requires it.


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